• Forensic Anthropology Lab

    Forensic Anthropology Lab

    Forensic Anthropology Lab is an iPad App submitted as a proposed interactive prototype for the Museum of […]

  • Choose_one


    Choose One is an interactive story installation that requires the participating audiences to make decisions that […]

  • Selection


    Selection creates a sense of tug-of-war between humans and nature.  In Selection, miniature animals, such as a […]

  • Island


    Islands is an interactive installation that allows indiviuals to use their hands and move virtual miniature people […]

  • Invisible


    Invisible provided an interactive experience during which participants use their body as a light source.   Individuals […]

  • Pinwheel


    In Chinese culture, a spinning pinwheel symbolizes an outward flow of bad fortune and inward flow […]

  • ByChance


    By Chance is a installation piece which tries to represent relationships between people who meet in […]

  • Chinese Painting

    Chinese Painting

    I learned the skills of using brush, ink and water to create the unique moving-perspectives in […]